Busting the Life Insurance Lies

38 Myths and Misconceptions That Sabotage Your Wealth

Busting The Life Insurance Lies takes 38 myths about life insurance and sets the record straight… myths you hear from self-proclaimed financial experts, on the internet, and even from overzealous insurance agents! Some common misconceptions this book breaks wide open include:

  • “It’s a bad investment.”
  • “You should keep your liquid cash in a bank.”
  • “You’re better off self-insuring.”
  • “Never buy life insurance for a child.”
  • ” ‘Buy term and invest the difference’ works.”
  • “It’s not worth getting it when you’re older.”
  • “You don’t need other investments.”
  • “When you pay back a policy loan, you’re paying yourself interest!”

Get the truth from veteran advisors Kim D. H. Butler and Jack Burns, with the help of a fictional family who debates the issues with help from their advisors.