BIRL Cover Medium 200x300 1

Busting the Interest Rate Lies

BIRL Cover Medium 200x300 1

Discover the Whole Truth About Money and How You Can Keep Control of Yours

Busting the Interest Rate Lies fills in important gaps about essential but little-understood financial topics you won’t hear about from most financial advisors. It follows the story of a young man, from high school to purchasing his first car and home to establishing savings and insurance, becoming a real estate investor, and finally, growing assets using life settlement private equity funds. Discover with him why:

  • Purchasing a car with 0% dealer financing isn’t the best way to buy a car;
  • You don’t always save money by paying cash for major purchases;
  • A 15-year mortgage isn’t more efficient than a 30-year mortgage;
  • And much more!

Whether you are just learning to manage your money or you are an experienced investor, this book will help you avoid common financial mistakes and put MANY thousands of dollars into your pocket!