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Busting the Financial Planning Lies

BFPL cover 199x300 1

Learn to use Prosperity Economics to Build Sustainable Wealth

Busting the Financial Planning Lies could cost your financial planner a lot of money! Better yet, it will put the money where it belongs – back in YOUR hands! This book reveals why the wealthy ignore the advice doled out by Wall Street and typical financial planners, such as:

  • Max out your 401(k);
  • Prepay your mortgage;
  • Buy term life insurance only; and
  • The stock market is the best long-term investment, and mutual funds are the best way to invest in it.

With sections on the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ mutual funds, mortgages, qualified plans, life insurance and more, Busting the Financial Planning Lies takes an in-depth look at Prosperity Economics thinking. Learn how to take back control of your thinking and your finances!