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Busting the College Planning Lies

Make smarter and more rewarding decisions about your future with practical—yet outside-the-box—answers to your most important questions about ongoing education.

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The Perpetual Wealth Book

Use “Family Financing” to Build Prosperity for Generations to come. Perpetual Wealth shows how families can create wealth together to serve the good of all. We call it “Family Financing,” and it’s about much more than money!

LYLI 2016 Cover Medium

Live Your Life Insurance Book

If you knew about a 200+ year-old method to building sustainable wealth, safely and reliably, would you use it? Most people gamble their financial futures using typical approaches; but as the stock market becomes more and more unpredictable, the danger of these strategies is becoming painfully obvious. A powerful alternative to building sustainable wealth is …

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Financial Planning has FAILED

GET YOUR FREE EBOOK TODAY, available only on this website! Our new 65-page ebook, Financial Planning has FAILED, explains why “typical” financial advice is flat-out WRONG for most investors. Best yet, it explains the Prosperity Economics alternative, detailing the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ and concrete examples showing how to put the Principles into action in …

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Busting the Interest Rate Lies

Busting the Interest Rate Lies fills in important gaps about essential but little-understood financial topics you won’t hear about from most financial advisors. It follows the story of a young man, from high school to purchasing his first car and home to establishing savings and insurance, becoming a real estate investor, and finally, growing assets …

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Busting the Life Insurance Lies

Busting The Life Insurance Lies takes 38 myths about life insurance and sets the record straight… myths you hear from self-proclaimed financial experts, on the internet, and even from overzealous insurance agents! Some common misconceptions this book breaks wide open include: “It’s a bad investment.” “You should keep your liquid cash in a bank.” “You’re …

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