The Truth Behind Qualified Plans – Episode 014

In this episode, Kim D.H. Butler and NO BS Money Guy Todd Strobel tell the real story of the qualified retirement plan.

Who really benefits?

Which types of plans give you the most freedom towards your prosperity, and which should you AVOID?

One key thought in today’s conversation is, “When the government is benefiting, it typically means that we are not.”

0:27 – Let’s talk about the real story of the qualified plan

2:01 – The difference in tax treatments between qualified plans

3:05 – Is the qualified retirement plan structure truly beneficial?

3:54 – Sharing the 7 Principles of Prosperity

5:11 – In order to gain prosperity, you need to have your brain on, you need to be thinking, you need to be consciously doing things not just letting it happen.

5:21 – Todd’s profound quote, “prosperity follows responsibility”

7:48 – Why is the government providing a tool for tax deferrals and is it really beneficial

8:57 – When the government’s benefitting, it typically means that we are not

9:44 – Should you contribute to the up to the match or the max in your retirement plan?

11:24 – Kim talks about her latest book, Busting the Retirement Lies

12:50 – Why you should be investing for cash flow from the get go

14:30 – Investing for cashflow vs. equity

15:55 – You should have control over your structure and over the investments inside that structure

18:00 – How to create movement with your money

19:39 – When money is moving or leveraged in any way, it is healthier money

20:52 – How to get your money to multiply

22:33 – When dollars are just doing one job, if they’re just enabling us to retire, if they’re just educating a child, that’s not as effective or as efficient as dollars that could do both.

22:58 – How to avoid paying huge penalties in taxes to use your own money

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